Factors that Make Clear Creek PVC Windows Better

Casement and Awning windows have reinforcing legs within PVC where screws holding operators are attached. Extrusions for sliding windows have one of the most extensive interior wall structures in the industry.
In the casement and awning windows, the extra internal ribs grip the screws holding the roto operators and hinges in place. In the sliding windows, the extra internal ribs grip the screws holding the sash balances and pivot pins in place. In this way, the hardware is more secure and remains solidly in position. The window is stiffer, longer lasting, and has better thermal performance.

Consider these photographs of the sash extrusion profile from three competing PVC sliding windows:

Large weep holes in glazing cavities.
Due to surface tension, water will not drain effectively through small diameter round holes. Large oblong weep holes, while more expensive to drill, lead to better sealed unit longevity.

Multiple options for Low E Glass. Click here to go to our Low-E section.
  • Much more comfortable rooms; able to fully use floor area because people can sit close to glass in the winter.
  • Lower air conditioning costs
  • Better fade resistance for floors, furnishings, soft goods – i.e. if 366 type glass is used.
Glazing has needle bead back-bedding with neutral cure silicon.
Clear Creek Windows recently purchased PVC windows from five manufacturers and cut them apart to examine their quality. The majority of the manufacturers did not install a back bed of neutral cure silicone around the entire perimeter of the insulated glass units.
Clear Creek Windows also does several jobs a year that involve replacing failed insulated glass units in 10 to 20-year old windows. When we discover a failed insulating glass unit, we usually also discover that window manufacturer had not installed a needle bead back-bedding around the full perimeter of the unit.
This needle bead serves to make thie glazing cavity more watertight, increasing sealed unit longevity. As a result, Clear Creek Windows specify that all PVC windows it carries feature a needle bead back-bedding of neutral cure silicone around the entire perimeter of the insulated glass units.

High quality window frame fabrication, including neat dressing of the welds.
Extremely high-quality fit and finish for optimum appearance. For the interior of glazing leg, better weld dressing results in a smoother surface for glass to bear against. Hence the glazing cavity is more watertight and there is less long-term stress on glass resulting in less long-term spontaneous breakage.

Stainless Steel Casement Hinges and screws.
Will not rust or seize over time (Plated or coated steel is the standard material used to make casement hinges) .
Window hinges are North American made.
Increased control over manufacturing source results in assurance that the hinges will be as specified (Chinese-made hardware is now common on lower-priced windows).
Acrylic paint used on dark colours.
Many vinyl window manufacturers still use oil-based exterior paint. While oil-based paint has many production advantages (for example, it is easier to spray), it has a significant disadvantage for darker colours - it fades. Acrylic paint does not.
Heat reflective paint for dark colours.
Longevity of vinyl is affected by the heat build-up in the vinyl. By using a heat-reflective brown paint as opposed to a heat-absorbing brown paint, the vinyl in the window stays cooler and lasts longer.