Welcome to Clear Creek Windows

Clear Creek Windows is a manufacturer of solarium windows based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Clear Creek Windows also offers an extensive line of wood windows, aluminum-clad wood windows, PVC windows, and insulated steel and fiberglass doors.

The owner, Peter Walker, has over 40 years of construction experience. His solaria have been written up in such publications as the Toronto Globe and Mail and the Montreal Gazette and have been prominently featured on the cover of Select Home Designs, a national magazine.

In his 40 years of experience, Peter has supplied windows and doors to many heritage award winning homes and commercial projects; he has also designed and installed windows for some of the most modern contempory styles of architecture. He has extensive experience supplying windows suited to harsh climates around the world, including the arctic (cold), the Caribbean (wind), and the Middle East (heat).

If desired by the customer, Peter will install the windows and doors he sells to Southern Ontario projects. Clear Creek Windows installation services focus on both the “visible” and the “hidden” aspects of quality workmanship. Items such as high-grade caulking chosen for longevity and adhesion coupled with ultra-durable flashings and water-barriers are fundemental to protecting the integrity of the building envelope.

Clear Creek Windows' installation expertise is unmatched. We look forward to answering your questions to ensure you are making the best choice for your home.